Young People

If you are worried – about the world around you, school, home, the internet and social media, relationships, yourself…

If you are feeling anxious – you might have random headaches, stomach aches, tightness in the chest, fast breathing or trouble sleeping.

If that anxiety is the symptom of stress, sadness, anger, fears or phobias, my therapy will help support you in a safe place and give you strategies to cope.

It can help you address such things as exam or course stress, social insecurity or family issues.

Through my past experiences in schools, and my work with young people now, I can help you and your family get to the root of your problem.

Using a range of techniques that will enable you to develop coping skills, I will give you strategies that you can use by yourself to improve the quality of your life and your future – such as self-meditation, making small gradual changes, sharing with others and goal–setting.

My experience of working in multi-cultural and integrated school environments means I can help with issues facing many young people relating to gender, sexuality, ethnicity and faith.

I’m comfortable working with CAMHS, youth support services and with groups of young people in schools to provide support where needed.

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