Self-esteem and confidence

You might compare yourself unfavourably to others, you could have a negative view of yourself, you may feel unloved or unworthy. You do not value or recognise your own strengths. Relationships and social media are overwhelming to you at the moment.

If you are struggling to pass your driving test, assert yourself at work or at home, or ride your horse with confidence, for example, this may be for you.

If you want to understand where those feelings have come from, and work towards managing criticisms and difficult memories, I can help you to help yourself become more valued, resilient, positive and nurturing – while learning to manage blame and shame.

My approach to therapy can help you to see how early patterns and habits affect your current feelings and thinking, using a ‘toolbox’ of skills and thinking processes so that you can praise yourself, love yourself and feel comfortable within yourself through acceptance, self-respect and trust.

Once self-esteem issues are addressed, confidence naturally develops as you learn to appreciate your own qualities and strengths.