Hypnotherapy can help people change certain behaviours, such as nail biting or smoking. It can treat physical pain, psychological distress, fears & phobias,  anxiety & depression.

It works by using relaxation, breathing and concentration to focus on changing your outlook, as your mind becomes open to positive change.

I have had success with clients ranging from school refusing and exam anxiety, to fear of flying, spiders, nightmares and the dentist!  My youngest client has been 12 and my oldest has been 86.

I have worked with family members, friends and  complete strangers – the success rate is 93% after an average of 6 sessions (google 103 Key Hypnotherapy Statistics). Weight loss and smoking can take longer.

Hypnotherapy uses a toolbox of skills that can be taught by me – and learnt by you the client to use yourself whenever you need to self-manage.

Why not contact me for your first free session – what have you got to lose?

Please note – I do not work with serious mental disorders such as psychosis, or drug & alcohol disorders, as this is a highly specialist field.

Client Voice

I contacted Isobel for a number of reasons that were having a bad effect on me; the hypnotherapy was a game changer! I was very sceptical at first, but it has helped me so much – and I can use it now to get a grip on myself whenever I need to. Money well spent!

J. Age 35 – Isle of Arran