Loss and Bereavement


If you have experienced a recent loss – it could be divorce or separation, your job or status, your house or home, your mobility or wellness, your financial or emotional security – you may want to get in touch with me.

If you have been controlled, manipulated, bullied, assaulted, frauded, scammed or robbed – you will be experiencing strong emotional sensations of ‘why me?’ – which may include poor self-esteem and identity, feelings of violation and insecurity – and all the other emotions that are associated with a significant loss.

My integrative counselling techniques can help you re-build your confidence and ability to cope with your life. Together, we can enable you to accept the situation, process blame and shame, and develop practical techniques to help you move forward to manage your loss.


You have experienced the death of a partner, relative, a friend, someone from your past, a much loved pet or horse; you are feeling ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed by your emotions as the world appears to move on around you.

This is normal – though it may take some counselling support to help you accept and manage your feelings of pain and loss – when those around you at home and work expect you to ‘move on’ without understanding how you are feeling.

My Cruse training and my own experiences of all of the above can help you make sense of your feelings and enable you to process and manage your grief; just listening with empathy and without judgement can help towards acceptance and the healing of pain caused by bereavement.