”Sometimes life gets away from you, and by the time you realise this, it’s too late. Isobel helped me get back on my feet and together we discovered that a breakdown had only been a matter of time. By skilfully, subtly and compassionately leading me to recognise and understand my behaviours, she helped me to recover, and to become a better, stronger and more resilient person for it. I shall be eternally grateful to her.”

M. Age 50 – Arran

”When my mother died, I was angry and lost. My relationships had started to break down all around me. I contacted Isobel through her website, and I felt immediate relief from the first session. Her text support was invaluable when I was at my lowest. With her help, I was able to put my life back together by accepting the past and managing the pain. We also worked face to face towards the end which was really useful. I now only need a session occasionally to remind me how to manage.”

A. Age 30 – Argyle

”My stay in Isobel’s home on Arran was exactly what I needed. The daily therapy sessions greatly supported me in making some difficult decisions that had been on my mind for a while. The house and the beautiful surroundings are the perfect place to retreat to, and it provided me with the space that I needed to reflect on my issues. I had such a peaceful and relaxing time with some empowering memories that will stay with me forever.”

D. Age 32 – Glasgow

“Isobel is wonderfully warm and perceptive, and she has the real ability to really hone into the root of repeating behaviours that are blocking you from moving forward and making you feel frustrated and unhappy.”

E. Age 31 – Lancaster

“Since first meeting Isobel last year, she has been a huge help to both of us and our teenage son who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Her calm and professional approach has meant that our son is really able to open up and chat to her in a way he struggles to do elsewhere. She has been able to suggest and show him ways to help manage his anxiety himself in a very mature way. Isobel goes above and beyond expectations, and has also visited our own home when we were having a particularly difficult time; and she has included the whole family in discussions where appropriate, and liaised with his school to support him further. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Isobel to anyone – child or adult – who needs extra help and support with similar issues.”

Parents of J, age 15 – Coalville

“Isobel has helped me a lot to understand my anxiety. It has got me going back to school because of regular sessions of meditation and talking about past problems. I am now able to talk about my anxiety to more people, which has really improved it. The text support has been comforting because I know that she is there for me not just in the sessions.”

J, age 15 – Coalville

“Isobel has been a great help to me over the last year; working through some long-standing issues and addressing concerns about life changing decisions. I have found her to be reliable and insightful, with a warmth and humour that made her very approachable. With her help, I have come to terms with aspects of my childhood, relationships and work/life balance. Even my interactions with my children have benefitted from her coaching and guidance. Now our sessions are drawing to a close, I am sorry to see her go; but I am now confident that I have the mental tools to contend with whatever comes my way…thanks Isobel!”

L, age 35 – Nottingham

“Apart from our sessions together, Isobel was really good with text support when I was at rock bottom. We could also do phone counselling if she or I were away – which made it really consistent and helped me so much to get a grip on my life and realise my potential. She made me laugh every session, and gradually drew me out of my self-esteem issues and into a new confidence that helps me cope in a way I couldn’t before… I should have done this years ago!”

R, age 30 – Derby

“Hypnotherapy with Isobel enabled me to sort out some negative behaviours following the death of my wife. I learnt to focus on the positives, appreciate what I had got, and change some destructive patterns – all in about six sessions! I could not have imagined it would work for me. It was the stepping stone I needed to accept my lot in life and make the best of it.”

G, age 50 – Tamworth

“I started seeing Isobel after having panic attacks which didn’t allow me to move – I felt frozen. I signed up for CBT with the NHS, but it didn’t work for me at that time. Hypnotherapy and counselling with Isobel did. I trusted her immediately, and honestly I cannot express how much she has helped me periodically over the last three years. She has enabled me to take steps to improve my life, and to adapt and make changes. I have become a happier person. I have a greater understanding of myself and can cope much better with things I find difficult. Thank you, Isobel”

E, age 28 – Nottingham

“Isobel has helped me talk about how I feel. I have learnt that it’s not a big deal when things go wrong. I can stop myself self-harming now by thinking about it calmly – and I can now cope with anger by myself. I also now know what is going to make me feel better by doing things that will help me deal with stuff.”

I, age 14 – Leicester

“I got my exam results – and I am pretty happy! Thank you so much. All the help you have given me really means a lot – I did not think I could change my ways and improve this much. Now I have choices – and can go to college.”

L, age 16 – Leicester

“Hi, just wanted to let you know how well my son is doing in lessons. Very engaged and working hard. He seems to be turning a corner. We are looking at college courses – which is positive. We are staying consistent with the routines at home too, and he is being more helpful in the house. He is doing really well. Thanks for your support.”

Parent of L, age 16 – Leicester

“Just to let you know that I am staying calm, and even had a laugh at work today even though it was super busy. I am eating so much better and starting to look after myself. Feeling positive TBH, though it can still be tough working through this. Nice to be able to tell people I’m getting there. Thanks.”

B, age 30 – Nottingham